July 2, 2016

Nutrition and Meal Plan

Honestly, I prefer helping you make a plan for your specific needs than just talking nutrition with you. This option allows me to create a personalized nutrition and meal plan that suits your personality and goals. How do we do this? We (that’s  you and I) get on the phone for 90 minutes, I ask you a bunch of questions about your lifestyle, your goals, and your favourite foods. Then I get to work on my own, and design a nutrition and meal plan that takes into account who you are, and who you want to be.

I email you the plan, and then we get on the phone again to ensure you understand everything and feel confident moving forward.

If following through on your plan is a concern, I suggest you check out the 90 day plan. That plan gives you ongoing support as you try to create new habits and a new, healthier lifestyle.

Want to start with the Nutrition and Diet Meal Plan? You can purchase the plan for $250 +gst by clicking below. I will contact you after you register to schedule time to get started.