July 6, 2016

Lung Cleanse


Lungs. Who needs ’em, am I right? All they ever do is inhale, and exhale, and on and on it goes.

Ain’t nobody have time for that.


When your lungs aren’t feeling mountain fresh, food doesn’t taste as sweet, and life has a little less…oomph.

Could be you even have recurrent illnesses that affect your lungs, like bronchitis or pneumonia, or asthma. Or maybe you are even a former, or current, smoker. Whatever the case, your lungs do a lot for you. Maybe it’s time you returned the love.

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I’m going to be honest with you: I’ve used my lungs a time or two. And they do a keen job of keeping me alive. They help me yell and sleep and sing and… well…breathe. All pretty sweet things. And I like to reward my lung buddies (not to mention my sinuses and my whole respiratory system) with some clean, fresh air.

Unfortunately, my allergies were threatening to shut down this super cool relationship that I had going on with my lungs. I was wheezy after my 30 minute walk to work. I started to snore a little at night (ask my boyfriend – he’ll tell you all about the virtues of ear plugs). I was even getting winded going up the stairs in the River Valley (of course, there is about a billion of them, but still – I am in decent shape. It shouldn’t be that hard.)

Enter: lung cleanse. Some diet alterations, some breathing exercises, some herbs and homeopathics, and *siiiiiiiigh* I am breathing again.




Maybe you want some mountains to live in your lungs. Maybe you smoked for years and don’t feel like having tar in your lungs any more. Maybe you’d like to better buddies with your lungs. Maybe you want to:

be the cheeringest of the cheerers at the next concert

– blow out ALL of your birthday candles when you are 80

– french kiss like a boss

– be smug when someone asks you to “take a deep breath”

– laugh all of your friends under the table

– smell and taste the world as brighter, fresher, and better than ever before, and

– generally rock out better in everything you do, no matter whether you swim, climb, walk or garden.

Whatever the case, a lung cleanse might just be what is in order.

And – as a fun bonus – we are also going to help clear your sinuses. So if you have recurrent sinus infections, or plugged sinuses, or really anything but happy, healthy sinuses, the lung cleanse is also going to help THAT. Two for one!





So, what exactly IS a lung cleanse, you are probably wondering. Well, let me clear up the mystery.

This particular lung cleanse, which is 19 days long, will happen virtually. Meaning, you get to stay home and put your feet up, and I will come to you. So here’s what included:

  • All of your Supplies: First, a fancy little “Detox Box” will be delivered to you. In it, you will find everything you need to do the cleanse. No need to go out and buy expensive supplements or anything – I give you everything you need.
  • Classes: We don’t currently have a live class happening, so you’ll get videos sent to you every Monday for 3 weeks for our special Lung Cleanse classes. We will talk about what to eat, some breath work exercises to help clear your lungs, and some great self-care techniques to keep those beautiful sacs of air pink and healthy.
  • Private Access for Questions: You can email any questions you have to me and get the support you need.
  • Booklet: I will email you a booklet, outlining everything you need to know about the cleanse, what you will be eating/not eating, and some recipes to make the experience yummy. It will help guide you through the cleanse.

All of this is delivered to you – no need to drag your wheezers out in the cold.











Are you ready to jump on this and breath some sweeter air? All you have to do is click on the Register button and get started. You can do it with us alone (you will find you will never really be alone), or you can join with a friend for a special deal.


Just register yourself for 2 payments of $97 or Register with a friend for 2 payments of $147







The Lung Cleanse does not have live classes right now, but that means you get to start whenever you want. I send you the videos, and you do it when you want to do it.

Video Classes:

Class #1: Cleanse Overview, Diet Recommendations

Class #2: Using Breath to Clean and Tone your Lungs and Sinuses (with a special guest teacher, my friend David Wilson!)

Class #3: Taking Care of and Supporting Your Lungs


Ready to take the leap into some sweet breathin’? I would love to have you join me! You can register yourself, or yourself and a friend.


Two Payments of $97
Payments billed 21 days apart


Bring a Friend Option!
2 Payments of $147
Payments billed 21 days apart

I am crazy excited about running this new cleanse. It gives me insane amounts of pleasure to help people experience better health. I love the online format, I love doing the cleanse with you (oh ya, you know I do this with you, right?), and I love the idea of getting to know you and your lungs a bit better!

If you have questions, feel free to ask them by emailing kristi@kristishmyr.com

Hopefully I will see you soon! ‘Cause…I kinda like you! And your soon-to-be pinker lungs!






p.s. Not that you’d want to, but just so we are clear: once the cleanse manual is sent to you, there are no refunds. No back-outsies. No change-my-mind-erinos. But again – why would you want to?!