July 6, 2016

Liver Cleanse

There’s lots of eating. There is much food. It’s not a starvation thing. It’s a feeling better thing. – Corey Matthews

We just got through a season of food and drink debauchery (or at least I did!) and now, most of us are trying to focus on better health. I love this time of year – I get really, really sick of rich foods and treats and having no routine, and I get really excited to get back into healthy living. There is no better time to start a cleanse. I scheduled this cleanse to start just when your enthusiasm is starting to wane in late January and February – together, I think we can keep on track!

If you are looking for a little extra help starting 2018 off in a healthy way, I would love for you to join me.

Is it time for a Liver Cleanse?
The health of your liver shows up in everything you are and everything you do.livercleanse

It shows up in your face and skin, in the way you age, or in how tired you look (and feel). It shows up in the ache in your shoulders, in the dryness of your elbows, and how quickly you lapse into irritability. It shows up in your focus and concentration, and in your motivation (or lack thereof).

In short, your liver tells you how healthy you are (or are not). And like most everything else in our lives, we need to apply a little maintenance every now then. You clean your refrigerator out at least once a year, right? (Just checking) Your body needs at least that same kind of love and attention.

Show your Liver some Love

Imagine how fabulous you’ll feel when we’re done. What will you do in 2018 with all of that extra energy?


“I had lost 11 pounds, and he had lost 14! We are both off our blood pressure pills…”

So, my husband and I (who are 64 and 63) had tried several different diets, and although we stuck to them, we had little to no weight loss.

Our frustration led to thinking beyond dieting, and looking to a liver cleanse as a possible solution to our health issues.

Our results? By the end of the cleanse, eating these foods, and drinking the tea with drops, I had lost 11 pounds, and he had lost 14! We are both off our blood pressure pills, and now take no prescription meds at all! I think we found the source of our problem! Thanks, Kristi, for all your hard work and studies!

Sharon Turner

My Story

I’ve done and led cleanses for nearly 15 years. I’ve tried – I won’t say all, that’s silly – most of the cleanses out there. And most of them were not good. Some relied too heavily on harsh herbal laxatives, like senna or cascara sagrada. Some were too passive: all of the power of the cleanse was in the “special” drops, and you weren’t empowered to understand your body at all. Some were flat out dangerous, and made the body more toxic, not less. And finally, some were just so restrictive that I failed every time I tried them.

So, being the lovable and curious nerd that I am, I did some research. My mission: to find the absolute best method to do a cleanse – one that was effective, gentle, simple, empowering and most of all — doable.

You Won’t Be Alone

I do the cleanse right along with you and the other participants, and I’m not shy about sharing my experience or helping you with yours.


“I just finished Kristi Shmyr’s Liver Cleanse and am impressed not only by Kristi’s commitment to her students, but to the program and the results. I lost 7 lbs, actually started cooking (I rarely cook), and never felt deprived. I can tell my habits have changed, because it was easy to make the changes. I can see doing this cleanse twice a year and maintaining a lot of the practices in between”.

Denise Wakeman, 2014 participant.


How it Works

Don’t be afraid — this isn’t one of those “only drink maple syrup and lemon juice” type cleanses. In fact, anyone who understands the mechanics of the liver would know that those cleanses actually do MORE damage than doing nothing at all. You see, your liver cleanses in two phases. Without the proper nutrients at each phase, you can create an environment that is MORE toxic, not less. And end up feeling ten times worse than when you started.

This 3.5-week cleanse happens in an online, virtual group format. Your cleanse kit ships right to your door, and the support you get will ensure you make the most of the experience.

What you Can Expect

The last few cleanse groups I ran, participants lost between 5 and 15 pounds (though this definitely isn’t our focus! Weight loss happens, but our focus in health. Believe it or not, those two are not always synonymous.) Their digestion and mood improved. Menstrual pain went away for a few of them. They craved less sugar. And they just plain felt better.


The Sneaky Trojan Horse

Look, I am going to be honest – this cleanse that I run is a Trojan Horse. I come into your life with this (hopefully) non-threatening plan to help you improve your digest, drop some puff-puff-puffiness, and feel better, all in 25 days. A cleanse is temporary, so people aren’t so afraid of it.

But secretly (apparently, I am terrible at understanding how secrets work), I am hoping to change the way you look at food forever. And it works – most of the participants report that their relationship with food changes, long term. My voice doesn’t get out of their head just because classes are done. I’m there, for better or worse, for the long haul.

This isn’t just about a temporary change. What I’m trying to do (and I have lots of people telling me I am succeeding!) is give you more than just a cleanse. I am using the cleanse to teach you how to live better. How to know what your body wants. I want to show you what feeling good feels like, so you know you want it. I want to show you how to feel good, so you can choose it. Any time you want.

(And it’s amazing how good you can feel).

Are you feeling it? You can register now, if you are.

Registration is now closed. Email kristi@kristishmyr.com for information on how to join a cleanse. 


(register one person for 2 payments of $97 – payments processed 21 days apart)

(better yet, do it with a friend!)

bringafriend_2x147 (register you and a friend for 2 payments of $147 – payments processed 21 days apart)




Let’s meet Ashleyashley

Ashley participated in our Spring 2013 group. She’s a funny, sweet young lady of 29 years whose primary health complaints before we started centered around her digestive system and mood (she reported that she was a “roller coaster of emotions”). She also had strong cravings for carbohydrates and sugar, and would typically eat a simple carbohydrate and/or something sweet at every meal.

After the liver cleanse, Ashley was 12 pounds lighter, has almost no digestive issues, and her moods stabilized. She found her concentration and focus also improved. And with no more typical afternoon crashes, she was able to maintain higher energy levels throughout the day.

She was also very pleased (and surprised) to see how much more control she had over her cravings (in her words, she “didn’t need to kick a kitten just to get sugar”). And she couldn’t believe how easy she found the cleanse to do.



But Ashley wasn’t the only one who’s been thrilled with her results. Here are a few more experiences (these are right from our private Facebook group):

“My pants fit again!!! Thank you!!!” and “I had so much energy today that I had to force myself to sit down so I would relax. That’s. Never. Happened.” – Alyssia E

“I lost 10 pounds with this cleanse and want to keep going!!” – Randi H.

“I’ve been really surprised by how different it feels than any time I’ve been on a ‘diet!'” and, after one week: “The food choices were easy — I had no cravings AT ALL! My emotional state AND my body felt transformed right from the beginning and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the experience brings!” – Linda W.

“Thank you Kristi for creating such a do-able and well rounded cleanse…. No ‘only eat green things for 5 days’ and it was something that the body has been enjoying and the mind has been appropriately challenged with.…Things I have noticed change are I am less mucusy, so I have to blow my nose less. I have also less heart burn.” – Brittany S



Ready to Get Cleanin’?

Before I go on and on, can I check in with you? Are you interested and ready to jump in? Are you just waiting for me to get to the details so you can get started? Eager beaver – I like that!

The Details

The classes are 4 Mondays, starting Monday, January 29.

Schedule of Classes:

Monday, January 29 at 5:30 pm MT (4:30pm PT/7:30pm ET)

Monday, February 5 at 5:30pm MT (4:30pm PT/7:30pm ET)

Monday, February 12 at 5:30pm MT (4:30pm PT/7:30pm ET)

Monday, February 19 at 5:30pm MT (4:30pm PT/7:30pm ET)


Registration is now closed. Email kristi@kristishmyr.com for information on how to join a cleanse. 

register_2x97(register one person for 2 payments of $97 – payments processed 21 days apart)

(better yet, do it with a friend!)

bringafriend_2x147 (register you and a friend for 2 payments of $147 – payments processed 21 days apart)


What does the cleanse include?
With the cleanse,you will get:


  • 4 live, online video classes (recorded for your convenience)shawnscat
  • a cleanse kit with gentle homeopathic blends and a herbal tea for your liver, mailed directly to your home
  • a detailed, 20+ page manual with instructions on the special diet changes
  • private Facebook forum to ask follow up questions and get support, share recipes, and support each other


How can you tell if you need a liver cleanse?

digestiveissuescartoonDo you have:
  • ongoing fatigue?
  • hormone imbalances?
  • extremely dry or acne-prone skin?
  • trouble losing weight?
  • right shoulder pain?
  • bloating, constipation, or other digestive issues?

These are all common symptoms of an overloaded liver. And I’ve specially designed this cleanse to gently and effectively clean your liver and other organs, as well as help you create an overall healthy eating plan for greater well being once we’re done.

There’s no fasting in this cleanse (I am WAY too into chewing!). There are no laxatives. This is no insanely strict diet. Just real, do-able changes in a supportive community. In the end — a healthier you.


*The deadline to register is January 22, 2018


More Love for the Cleanse

“I am surprised by my lack of carb cravings. I see them every day in our work cafeteria and it’s like my brain isn’t even interested!” – Melanie L.

“In the past week people have randomly mentioned I look (1) relaxed (2) peaceful (3) a lady I met 3-4 weeks ago I saw again for the second time last week and she said “wow. You look so pretty with makeup on…” Virtually certain I was wearing makeup the first time I met her… HA!!! … But a good testament to what the cleanse is doing. PLUS… I’ve lost like 7, maybe even 8 lbs (in only two weeks)!” – Jodi H

Maybe you just want to lose your bloat.

Maybe you spent your winter eating, and want to feel better, quicker.

Or maybe your health isn’t what you want it to be, and you think it could be better in 2016.

Whatever your reasons, I’m uber confident this cleanse will improve your health. And I would be really excited (not to mention pretty honoured) if you’d join me.



How about we hear from Amber Scott, too?

“At the end of three weeks, I’ve lost almost 10 pounds. My stomach is incredibly flat. My anxiety has decreased and I haven’t had endo pain this entire month.”

amber-300x286I’ve had a lot of health problems over the last few years. Endometriosis left me with digestive issues, pain, a temporary medically-induced menopause, and minus one ovary. My busy life often meant I crammed activities and obligations into every waking hour, with all the stress and insomnia that lifestyle brings.

I drank too much. I ate too much in the wrong proportions. I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years but I was still overweight, tired, and anxious.

The liver cleanse helped me realign my lifestyle and recognize how what I put into my body affected how I felt. I was worried at first about cutting out so many of the foods I “loved” because they brought me comfort and a sense of satisfaction when I was otherwise out of control. I drank something alcoholic almost every day. I drank 3-4 cups of coffee a day plus a few diet cokes. My dinners were mostly Chinese takeout or microwaveable meals. Cutting out all these staples of my lifestyle was daunting.

The graduated program of the liver cleanse helped me cut these foods out one at a time. In the first few days while I was cutting out sugar and eating more vegetables, I found myself naturally cutting down on my coffee intake. When the time came to lose caffeine completely, I had a few mild headaches but no other side effects. I was sleeping more hours, but more deeply, and was full of energy during the day.

This isn’t to say the cleanse was easy as pie. I did have cravings and missed the emotional satisfaction my old fried, wheaty, caffeinated foods brought. The support of the Facebook group and the online classes really helped. I strongly recommend taking advantage of the discount when you sign up in pairs. Having a partner who was going through the cleanse with me helped me stick to the plan.

At the end of three weeks, I’ve lost almost 10 pounds. My stomach is incredibly flat. I’m eating more fruits, vegetables, and beans than ever before and drinking much more water. My anxiety has decreased and I haven’t had endo pain this entire month. More importantly, I feel I’ve gained a better understanding of how food and my body work together. I’ve committed to making some lasting changes, such as cutting down my sugar intake, eating a big lunch full of raw fruits and vegetables, and drinking lots of water.

What I like best about the cleanse is that it’s sensible, it’s doable, and it doesn’t require tons of preparation, willpower, or expensive supplements. My body has dramatically changed for the better, my energy is up, and my stress levels are down. This is a great program and I’ve taken its lessons to heart.

-Amber S.



Not ready yet? Have a few more questions?


Commonly Asked Questions

qHow long is the cleanse?


AThe cleanse in total is 26 days long. You slowly eliminate foods over the first 21 days, and then reintroduce them slowly from day 22-26. So the actual elimination part of the cleanse is 21 days, the slow re-introduction makes it 26 total.


qWhat kind of food can I eat on the cleanse?


I can’t reveal the whole diet plan here, but to give you an idea: the first phase of the cleanse eliminates things like Asugar, juice, soy, flour and refined baked goods and bread, luncheon meats and processed cheese, heated oil, non-organic meats and farmed salmon, deep fried foods, alcohol. And you add things like sulphur-rich foods (cauliflower, etc), fiber, and water.

Then you progressively go through phases of eliminating foods over the course of the 21 days, eliminating and adding some stuff in. The most strict it ever gets, for 2 days, is a diet restricted to nuts and seeds, legumes, veggies (focus on green and sulphur rich), fruit, healthy oils, and herbs. So you will always have protein, fat and healthy carbs.


qAre there any supplements or other materials that I need to buy for this cleanse?


AShort answer – no. Long answer – I mail you a bag of loose herbal tea and a pack of three homeopathics for cleansing, to prevent cravings for sugar and carbohydrates, and to help ease common emotional distress that cleansing can bring up. You are welcome to add other supplements, but they are not necessary. And I do suggest you get some Castor Oil for Castor Oil packs. Again, this is optional, but wonderful. A blender is an asset, but isn’t 100% necessary.


More questions? Email Me


Ready to make the plunge? Your liver will thank you!








p.s. not that you would WANT to back out, but just so you know, once the Cleanse Manual is emailed out, there is absolutely no refunds.

p.s.s. I like you, and I am excited to do this with you!