October 11, 2016

You Can Do The Thing!


You know The Thing:

Maybe it’s losing weight.

Maybe it’s a dream job.

Maybe it’s getting out of debt.

Maybe it’s getting in shape.

Maybe it’s some wild and ambitious thing that I cannot conceive of.

But I know there is a Thing.

And I believe you can do that Thing.

I have had a fairly wide variety of careers in my life, but one of the threads running through all of them is a fascination with why (or why not) someone does (or does not do) something. Why does one person try, and another regret not trying? Why does one person dream and then give up, and another take the risk and jump?

I don’t claim to know all of the answers, but one thing I AM good at is the effort; I am good at the doing, if not always the succeeding. And I spend a lot of time trying to help my clients – from the children involved in prostitution I used to work with, to the nutrition clients I currently coach – figure out how to tap into their self-control, will power, and motivation. And honestly, I kind of want to help you. Because there is nothing better than watching someone realize that, at the very least, they can try.

So here’s what I am proposing:

  • You and I and some other enthusiastic chums get together once a week for 4 weeks (on the internet – no need to put on pants or look a human right in the eye or anything scary like that) and chat about doing The Thing.
  • I interview some pretty great humans about the time they did The Thing, over and over and over, even when it was unbelievably hard, even when they wanted The Thing to SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE.
  • I charge a low price to teach you what I know, and guide the conversation, because who has billions of dollars to spend on unrealized goals and dreams?

How does that sound? Doable? Not overwhelming, I hope. Because that would be pretty counterproductive. The Thing does not need to live in a pile of other The Things.

So now that we have broached the subject, it’s probably time I explained a bit more about this passion project. Because thus far, I have been a bit vague on the details. But I wanted to go slowly – we’re in this together!

Detail Time!

All of the classes were hosted online and recorded, and those recordings are now available for you to watch at your own convenience.

Class One:

The Thing about Integrity, with special guest Don Staley

Class Two:

The Thing about Routine, with special guest Corey Matthews

Class Three:

The Thing about Blowing up Your Routine, with special guest Gina Wang

Class Four:

The Thing about Fun and Pleasure, with special guest Jeremie Miller

This is a passion project – it is The Thing that I am doing right now that excites me most! – so it will be informal, fun, informative, and totally affordable!

All four classes, including the interviews with our special guests, are yours for just 2 payments of $20 CAD, billed 21 days apart.

I could give you a bunch of comparative examples to help illustrate how inexpensive that is (2 week’s worth of Starbucks! Twenty packs of gum! Maybe some amount of yarn, I guess!), but I suspect you understand how much $40 is.

Ready to register for the fun?


Concerned that this is all a trick to get you to come and listen to some weird sales pitch?

It’s not. That’s all I have – just a denial. And my promise. I picked the guest speakers because, at some point in our friendship, I have come to admire them for their will power, self-control or motivation in a certain area of their life. I wanted a variety of examples, so that whatever The Thing is, you can glean a little inspiration from them.

  • I chose Don Staley because he made a decision to start exercising years ago (it has to be at least 5, since I have known him since 2012) and HASN’T. MISSED. A DAY. SINCE. He has some cool ideas about making and keeping a commitment to yourself.
  • I chose Corey Matthews because she is in a field not typically associated with discipline and will power, however wrong that perception might be. Corey is a talented painter that works almost every day, even when the very worst happens.
  • I chose Gina Wang because she started a really cool project of fitness this year that is so unique and fun, it helps shake up the “same old” drudgery of the millions of “get in shape” goals that are set every year.
  • I chose Jeremie Miller because he has a great story to tell you about how he and his family became financially secure not through winning the lottery, but through living within a budget that allowed them to save, while also doing the things they loved.

I will absolutely tell you how you can follow these amazing people (and myself) if you want to learn more, but that will be IT for selling. I intend this to be fun, not an infomercial.

So what do you think? Are you in?

I’ll be tickled if you are. And I will probably survive if you aren’t. Maybe. Probably. Possibly.

But maybe to be safe…


Remember: you can do The Thing.

I believe in you.


Love and enthusiasm,

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