March 22, 2018

Gut Reset

Our microbiome composition is determined by diet and lifestyle, opening the potential to improve your health.

                               – Dirk Gevers, Global Head of the Janssen Human Microbiome Institute

Of all the nutrition or health research out there, to me, there is nothing more exciting than what is happening in the gut.

The bacteria in your body, of which are as numerous as human cells, control almost every aspect of your health, including your emotional well being, your physical wellbeing, and your mental wellbeing. Although we are only just starting to understand this exciting new field of health, what we know has the power to completely change our understanding of disease. Research is currently being done on the impact gut health has on your mood, your brain health, your immune system, and your weight, among many other things. Have depression? The answer could be in your gut. Anxiety? Inflammation? Chronic infections? All of this could start with the large community of bacteria that lives in your digestive system.

We still don’t fully understand what influence these microorganisms have on us, and even more importantly, how to influence THEM, but the answers we have tell us that diet and lifestyle are the key.

If you are willing, I’d love to share what I know. Well, maybe not “share” so much as trade money for knowledge. I DIDN’T INVENT CAPITALISM.

Healthy Guts Start with Diet and Lifestyle
So let’s start there. 

Your gut bacteria – all of those microscopic organisms that started life – control so much of your experience of health. They are in constant conversation with your immune system, and influence what you react to, and what you overreact to. They influence inflammation, which – it seems – may actually be at least part of the issue with health concerns as seemingly diverse as dementia and diabetes. Bacteria has been shown to actually influence risk taking behaviours (in mice, but COME ON THAT’S COOL).

It is well established that your gut bacteria is shaped by what you eat, your environment, and your lifestyle. So what if we used that information to see what is possible? What if you changed your diet for a 3 week period; a diet focused on helping your gut bacteria to perform optimally? If you felt better, would you continue? That is ultimately my hope.

Some of the results you might experience

  • Decreased depression, anxiety, and inflammation
  • Decrease in food sensitivies, digestive issues, and infections
  • Increase in mood and energy, and overall health
  • A potential reduction in calorie extraction (no really, it’s a thing) and how you store fat

But here’s the thing – I can’t promise any of this. This is very new information – but it is also very

promising. There are hundreds of studies going on right now, following how diet changes can create results like these, but nothing is conclusive as of yet. Yet there is more than enough strong correlative data to make me really excited. And I would love to share that excitement with you.

What if we could reboot your gut bacteria, and change your health?

Ready to experiment with me?



Some words from clients on past cleanses…

“Lost 8 pounds, feel lighter, more clear and focused.”

Thank you so much Kristi for your positivity and leadership throughout this cleanse. I feel great! Lost 8 pounds, feel lighter, more clear and focused. Looking forward to incorporating this lifestyle going forward. 

Erin Newell-Lupien, 2018 Liver Cleanse participant


Why should you trust me?

I am by no means the expertiest person on this topic – not even close. But my interest in it is nearly obsessive. I have been working with people on their diet for over a decade now, and this is the most promising area of change I have seen so far. I really want to share what I have learned, through my own experimentation, my work with individual clients, and my reading, to make a burgeoning field of research accessible to you now.

Worst case scenario – you eat differently for 3 weeks and nothing happens.

Best case scenario – you develop a relationship with your gut flora that can change your health.

You Won’t Be Alone

I will be doing the diet reset right along with you and the other participants, and I’m not shy about sharing my experience or helping you with yours.


“I just finished Kristi Shmyr’s Liver Cleanse and am impressed not only by Kristi’s commitment to her students, but to the program and the results. I lost 7 lbs, actually started cooking (I rarely cook), and never felt deprived. I can tell my habits have changed, because it was easy to make the changes. I can see doing this cleanse twice a year and maintaining a lot of the practices in between”.

Denise Wakeman, 2014 liver cleanse participant.


How it Works

Over the course of 3 weeks, you will be removing certain foods, and adding certain foods. You will be making some lifestyle changes. I will do my best to give you lots of options, but ultimately, some of this is non-negotiable if you want to experience positive changes in your health. I will do my very best to make this as easy as possible on you, but it will absolutely take effort, and maybe even sacrifice. But I truly believe you will be pleased that you did it.

With that being said…


Who is this NOT for?

If you are unwilling to eat at least SOME fermented foods and drinks, cook your own meals, go without sugar, and generally make some somewhat time consuming changes to your lifestyle, this probably isn’t for you. There isn’t really a reliable short cut to change your bacteria – it takes lifestyle changes. If you are willing to be flexible and invest some time, I promise to do as much as I can to give you as many options as I can to reach your goal.


What you Can Expect

Typically in the group cleanses that I run, participants lost between 5 and 15 pounds (though this definitely isn’t our focus! Weight loss happens, but our focus in health. Believe it or not, those two are not always synonymous.) Their digestion and mood improved. Menstrual pain went away for a few of them. They craved less sugar. And they just plain felt better.

I am moving away from the word “cleanse” because people tend to feel controversial feelings about that word, and the argument distracts from the work I want to do. This is a gut reset. This is a chance to change the composition of your gut biome, understand why that is beneficial, and know how to maintain the change. That is the goal.


The Sneaky Trojan Horse

Look, I am going to be honest – these classes that I run are Trojan Horses. I come into your life with this (hopefully) non-threatening plan to help you improve your health, and because it is temporary, most people aren’t so resistant to it.

But secretly (apparently, I am terrible at understanding how secrets work), I am hoping to change the way you look at food forever. And it works – most of the participants report that their relationship with food changes, long term. My voice doesn’t get out of their head just because classes are done. I’m there, for better or worse, for the long haul.

This isn’t just about a temporary change. What I’m trying to do (and I have lots of people telling me I am succeeding!) is give you more than just a temporary shift in your gut bacteria. I am using this time to teach you how to live better. To show you what happens in  your gut and why it matters. To show you how much control you do have. If you know how to feel good, so you can choose it. Any time you want.

Are you ready to try?

 Registration is now closed. If you would like to do a reset, you can contact me at




“I’m down 13 pounds, my skin is clear, I feel less foggy mentally and have higher energy.”

Hey Kristi, I wanted you to know that this has been my best effort with any of your cleanses and I feel amazing. I’m down 13 pounds, my skin is clear, I feel less foggy mentally and have higher energy. Thanks for letting me succeed in my journey to make 2018 the year of the best of me.

Sheyleen Pfeiffer, 2018 liver cleanse participant


Here are a few more experiences from people who have worked with me in the past (these are right from our private Facebook group):

“My pants fit again!!! Thank you!!!” and “I had so much energy today that I had to force myself to sit down so I would relax. That’s. Never. Happened.” – Alyssia E

“I lost 10 pounds with this cleanse and want to keep going!!” – Randi H.

“I’ve been really surprised by how different it feels than any time I’ve been on a ‘diet!'” and, after one week: “The food choices were easy — I had no cravings AT ALL! My emotional state AND my body felt transformed right from the beginning and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the experience brings!” – Linda W.

“Thank you Kristi for creating such a do-able and well rounded cleanse…. No ‘only eat green things for 5 days’ and it was something that the body has been enjoying and the mind has been appropriately challenged with.…Things I have noticed change are I am less mucusy, so I have to blow my nose less. I have also less heart burn.” – Brittany S




The Details

The classes are 4 Thursday, starting Thurday, April 5, 2018

Schedule of Classes:

Thursday, April 5 at 3:00 pm MT (2:00pm PT/5:00pm ET) *notice this class is at a different time*

Thursday, April 12 at 5:30pm MT (4:30pm PT/7:30pm ET)

Thursday, April 19 at 5:30pm MT (4:30pm PT/7:30pm ET)

Thursday, April 26 at 5:30pm MT (4:30pm PT/7:30pm ET)

In class, we will talk about:

  • what the microbiome is and why it is important
  • how the microbiome affects weight, inflammation, the immune system, and health
  • what diet and lifestyle changes make the biggest difference.

 Registration is now closed. If you would like to do a reset, you can contact me at


What does the cleanse include?
With the cleanse,you will get:
  • 4 live, online video classes (recorded for your convenience)
  • a detailed, 20+ page manual with instructions on the special diet changes
  • private Facebook forum to ask follow up questions and get support, share recipes, and support each other

Please note – there is no physical kit this time! 


More Love from former clients

“I am surprised by my lack of carb cravings. I see them every day in our work cafeteria and it’s like my brain isn’t even interested!” – Melanie L.

“In the past week people have randomly mentioned I look (1) relaxed (2) peaceful (3) a lady I met 3-4 weeks ago I saw again for the second time last week and she said “wow. You look so pretty with makeup on…” Virtually certain I was wearing makeup the first time I met her… HA!!! … But a good testament to what the cleanse is doing. PLUS… I’ve lost like 7, maybe even 8 lbs (in only two weeks)!” – Jodi H


Are you ready to try a little Gut Experiment with me, and see what your bacteria are capable of?

 Registration is now closed. If you would like to do a reset, you can contact me at


Not ready yet? Have a few more questions?

email me at









p.s. not that you would WANT to back out, but just so you know, once the Manual is emailed out, there is absolutely no refunds.

p.s.s. I like you, and I am excited to do this with you!