I have been running virtual cleanses for 4 years now, and hundreds of happy clients have gone through the cleanses in the comfort in their own homes. I deliver your kit right to your door (well, probably not me, but SOMEONE will!); you can watch the educational classes on your computer live, or as recordings at your convenience; and you get to meet fellow cleansers from around the world (seriously, across Canada, the US, and we had one person from France!) to commiserate, support and share resources with.

I currently have three cleanses to choose from, with a fourth cleanse in development. You can learn more about each cleanse by clicking on the picture.

Liver Cleanse


This is our basic, whole body cleanse. It helps you to not only get a jump-start on healthy eating, but it gives you insights into what your body is trying to tell you.

Hormone Cleanse


For men or women, this cleanse helps to balance the hormones that control everything from weight, appetite and cravings, to energy, sleep and mood.

Lung Cleanse


Just quit smoking? Do you get a respiratory infection every year? This cleanse will help you clear your lungs and sinuses and breathe a little bit better.