July 8, 2016

90 Days of Nutrition

This is the super package, and my personal favourite. We get a chance to create a personalized nutrition and meal plan that suits your personality and goals. How do we do this? We get on the phone for 90 minutes, I ask you a bunch of questions about your lifestyle, your goals, and your favourite foods. Then I get to work on my own, and design a nutrition and meal plan that takes into account who you are, and where you want to be. We then get on the phone again and review the plan I email you, to make sure you understand what you will be doing.

But that’s just the start. Everyone knows that 90% of a plan is in the execution, and we all know that is where most of us fail. And that is where I want to help you the most.

For the next 90 days, we work together to keep you on track and build habits that will last. Depending on your needs, we either have short weekly or biweekly phone checkins, where you have the chance to review your progress, set new actions, or adjust your path. You also have unlimited email access, and at the end of the 90 days, we do a 30 minute review, to determine what’s next.

So, to review:

  • personalized nutrition plan, based on your personality, lifestyle and goals
  • personalized meal plan, based on the foods you like (as much as possible!)
  • 10-15 minute weekly or biweekly phone checkins, to keep you on track
  • 30 minute post-90 day phone review
  • unlimited email access

This package is $450.  You can purchase it by clicking the image below, and I will contact you to begin!