Thoughts on Hunger

Hungry young woman waiting with an empty plate.When I discuss hunger with clients, I find people fall into two camps, and typically vacillate between them:

1) refusing to “give in” to hunger, as a form of control

2) avoiding hunger, and seeing it as a signal of a problem to be solved. And typically ALSO seeing hunger as a bad thing, as dangerous deprivation.

Personally, I think there is a healthy place to view hunger from that is very neutral – hunger isn’t a bad thing, and it also isn’t a reason to feel accomplished. Hunger is merely a signal that the digestive system is empty. That is all. It doesn’t mean food is necessary right now, and it doesn’t mean control.

I also think it is very similar to sleep issues – the more you try to control it, the more it controls you. And I think there is a lot of fear in hunger.

So curious – is there a SAFE way for you to play a bit with hunger and try to make it have less power? When you feel hunger, can you spend a moment exploring the OTHER feelings you have?

I think it can be a powerful place to learn more about yourself and your connection to food.


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