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Better health is kind of my passion. There are many ways to work together: what sounds good? If you can't decide, send me a message and I can help you choose.
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Group cleanses

These virtual cleanses have the benefit of group accountability and support, recorded classes, cleanse kits delivered right to your door, and of course, access to me!

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1:1 work

whether you are anywhere in the world, and wanting some customized nutrition help, or you are in Edmonton and want some reflexology or reiki, I am pretty excited to help.

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virtual classes

From time to time, I offer other lifestyle and health courses online. Topics vary, but currently I have a Will Power and Self Control class on offer.

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Free Stuff

Sometimes, you just need a little taste before you are willing to commit to working with someone. I can totally appreciate that. Why not check out some of the free stuff I have on offer first?

Who I am

It's but a slice, but here is a little bit about this "Kristi Shmyr" you keep hearing about.
Everything you need to know about good nutrition is within you.

I have a bit of a unique approach to health and nutrition. I believe that it is incredibly individual - that's why what worked for your friend doesn't work for you.

I like to help my clients make decisions about their health based on what their body likes, not what an expert tells them their body should like. That doesn't mean I leave it all up to you. I provide guidance and education to help you make the best decisions possible.

Oh right. I am supposed to tell you about myself. name is Kristi. I have been working in the complementary health field for almost 15 years. I started out with a Criminology degree, working with children involved in prostitution, young offenders, and adult offenders. After years working in that field, I went back to school for Holistic Health. I ran a Holistic Health Center for over 9 years, but now, most of the work I do is online.

  • Mostly, I like to teach. I like learning, and I like passing that learning along to others.

  • I like to show you your own body. Not in a creepy way; I like to help you understand what your body likes and doesn't like.

  • I will admit - this is definitely not my stongest skill. But I love helping you create and stick to habits that serve you.

  • I am walking the talk right along with you. I do most of the cleanses with you, and I very much take my own advice.

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Have a question? Or just want to give me a heartfelt compliment? Then bleep bloop: send me a message.